Hillcrest Ace Hardware
1003 University Avenue
San Diego, CA 92103
Phone: (619) 291-5988
Fax: (619) 291-5987


I really cannot say enough good things about Ace. Every day that I go to this store is the best day ever. I walked in there to buy light bulbs today, and walked out with cards containing seeds for flowers to mail to my loved ones, detergent that smells like geraniums, magnets containing words to make haikus on my fridge, magnets containing words in Yiddish for my friend Jo's fridge, and, of course, light bulbs. I love you, Hillcrest Ace Hardware. You really have the best store and the friendliest staff in the 'hood!

Dana P.
San Diego, CA
I love Hillcrest Hardware - From the moment I moved here in 05 or 06 and saw their commercial w/drag queens! Hillcrest Hardware seems to have EVERYTHING you need, and the staff is always super friendly and helpful! I've gotten everything from Garden Soil, Screws, ladybugs, to small appliances!
James L.
San Diego, CA
This is the best hardware store I have ever been to. I didn't know hardware stores had more than nails and hammers, and everyone at this store is FAB-U-LOUS. I want to give everyone here a big hug.
Milin B.
Houston, TX
Fantastic customer service, best I have ever experienced, anywhere. I think I was helped by 4 different people, no joke! Great selection for what I looked for: weedwacker string, gloves, fertilizer (of course they have organic). I can't tell you how many times I've wandered aimlessly at Home Depot, confused. Give the local spot a shot! They also have some fun stuff, including SodaStream kits--I just bought one to make seltzer at home.
Mary C.
San Diego, CA
It's not your normal hardware store. It's a HILLCREST hardware store.
Phillip N.
Los Angeles, CA